Webinar: Покана за участие

Title: A Community-Based Approach to Voice Peering for the Air Transport Industry
Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Time: 3:00 PM Brussels CEST
9:00 AM New York EDT
Duration: 60 Minutes
Cost: FREE


SITA invites you to join Fabiano Chies and Denis Berger on Wednesday, June 6th for a
webinar on a community-based approach to Voice peering for the air transport
industry (ATI).
The ATI – which is uniquely global with 24/7 operations in over 220 countries and
territories – faces extraordinary challenges including rising fuel costs, increased
competition and ever growing passenger numbers. As a result of this inherent
complexity there is a clear need for a cost effective, globally available,
community-based approach to the delivery of voice and convergence services, which
has led to the creation of the first inter-company voice peering service, the SITA
Voice Exchange.

In this webcast Fabiano Chies, the pioneer of SITA’s Voice Exchange and Head of
Voice & Convergence Services, and Denis Berger, Head of Voice Product Line will
provide an overview of the approach SITA has taken in developing the service and
dive down to provide a more technical perspective.

The webcast will benefit anyone in the air transport industry looking to reduce
communication costs while becoming more flexible, but also players in other
industries who would like to learn how a community-based approach can maximize ROI
from their investment in IP-based technology.

Fabiano Chies, Head of Voice & Convergence Services, SITA
Denis Berger, Head of Voice Product Line, SITA

Carl Ford, Community Developer and VP Content, pulvermedia